Information To Know

Becoming a foster parent

  • Please view our Frequently Asked Questions and Find Your Agency sections to assist in deciding on a Child Placing Agency to help you work through the process of obtaining or continuing your foster care license.


As a foster parent you may be invited to something called an Icebreaker. We have attached information about:

  • What is an icebreaker
  • Why it is important to participate in the icebreaker
  • What your role will be

After you participate in an Icebreaker DCF has prepared a survey to help receive feedback.

Safe Sleep

Continued and updated information about Safe Sleep for Infants can be found at the State and National Organization links below.

Diligent Recruitment

The Representative Gail Finney Memorial Foster Care Bill of Rights


While kinship caregivers may not require a foster care license, it does have benefits, like increased access to resources and eligibility for respite care. Learn more through the flyer linked here.