Our mission is to bridge the gap between Kansas Caregivers and the Child Welfare System by creating access to resources to sustain a healthy placement.

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May is National Foster Care Awareness Month as declared by President Biden in his 2021 national proclamation:

“During this National Foster Care Month, we share our gratitude for those who support youth and families by being a resource to children in need and supporting birth parents so that they may safely reunite with their families whenever possible.”

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This Month’s Support Group

Join us this June 22nd from 12 pm – 1 pm, live online via Zoom, for the Peer Support Session as Michelle Goldston provides information and leads a discussion around:

  • Self-Care is not an indulgence it is a discipline
  • Give yourself permission for self-care without the guilt
  • When you take care of yourself you have the energy to care for others
  • Self-care does not have to be planned

Participants receive CEU credits. Open to all Foster Parents, Non-Related Kinship, and Kinship Families.

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    KCSN Training Session: Relationship to Discipline Model 2021 June 21st

    Instructor: Director Alton C. Guidry

    Independent Living Director and CEO at Green Tree Village

    Certified MAPP Instructor (Model Approach to Partnership Parenting)

    Behavior Intervention and Planning Specialist

    Intensive Therapeutic Foster Parent

    Kansas Adult Home Licensed Operator

    Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Sciences emphasis in Minority Studies Wichita State University

    Bachelor of Business Administration Southwestern College

    Master of Business Administration Southwestern College 2022

    Background to the Program and Purpose

    Greeting I am Director Alton Guidry, CEO of Green Tree Village located in Wichita, Kansas. I have been an Intensive Foster Parent for Youthville and St. Francis for the past 12 years. My home was one of two in the state that took such a high level of care. We were the original intensive care homes that are now modeled by many agencies throughout the state. Because of our programs success and retention numbers we were asked to develop a model for caregivers that would assist in helping with prolonging the stay of our youth in care. We named our model the Relationship to Discipline approach and below are our key point we will discuss during our training.

    Key Instructional Points

    • Read the child as well as the file
    • Understating the totality of the child’s situation
    • Working towards the End Game
      • You must identify the endgame early.
    • What is in the best interest of the child
    • Careful not to micro mange the child too early
    • Trust the Professionals in the child’s life
    • Rules vs Expectations
    • Realistic Goals for the child and the parent/agency
    • Coordination of Services
      • Before, during and after care.
    • Parenting and not Punishing
    • Once the relationship is developed then a proper plan for disciplinary actions can be developed if needed
    • Closing remarks
    • Questions
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    Our Vision

    To be recognized as the innovative, trusted and respected resource for caregivers and partners across Kansas.

    Innovative. Trusted. Respected.

    The Network will provide for caregivers’ needs in a variety of ways, including peer to peer support and mentoring, education and training opportunities, and information and resources to assist all caregivers in feeling equipped to handle the needs of children in care. The Network will provide for Kansas Foster, Non-Related Kinship and Kinship/Relative caregivers.

    We Value

    Partner Corner

    Check out highlight services offer by our partners throughout the State of Kansas.

    CAMP HYPE 2021

    Camp HYPE is a week long camp focusing on developing soft skills and exposing participants to job & career opportunities in the Greater Wichita Area. Participants will earn a stipend upon full completion of a camp. See the information about each camp below and how to register.
    Each camp is limited to 20 participants!!
    Note: Participants who have previously attended a Camp HYPE session will not be eligible for 2021 sessions.

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    Becoming a Foster Parent

    Visit FosterKSKids and review the Frequently Asked Questions and Find Your Agency sections to assist in deciding on a Child Placing Agency to help you work through the process of obtaining or continuing your foster care license.